STATIM Water Reservoir Filter


Please be aware of the Statim water reservoir filter that will be included to all new Statim 2000(S)(E)(G4) and 5000(S)(G4) effective April 2006 as well as with all replacement filler cap spare part kits.

GET the Spare Parts Kit: Reservoir Cap / Water Reservoir Filter

This filter is available as a stand-alone spare part for regular maintenance.

Please note the filter will not work with old reservoir caps and therefore ordering a new reservoir cap is recommended to upgrade existing field units. All replacement caps will come with a new water reservoir filter.

  • The water reservoir filter will greatly reduce the occurrence of particles entering the water reservoir and help prolong the life of the internal components
  • Backward compatible with older units when a new cap is installed
  • Avoids splashing when pouring distilled water into the reservoir
  • The filter is easily removable for monthly cleaning or when required, due to a clogged filter, by placing the filter upside down below running water

SciCan strongly recommends the water reservoir filter become a part of all Statim maintenance and repairs.

How to replace/clean the Water Reservoir Filter

General StatIM Preventative Maintenance:

Preventative Maintenance Schedule To ensure trouble-free performance, both the operator and the dealer must follow a preventative maintenance schedule.

NOTE: Please refer to your National, Regional, State or Safety laws for any additional reoccurring user testing that may be required.



Water Reservoir

• Replace water as needed.

• For opthalmic use, drain at the end of every workday, leave empty, and refill at the start of the next workday.

Waste Bottle

• Empty the waste bottle every time you refill the water reservoir.

• Fill the bottle with water, up to the MIN line marking. You may also add some chlorine-free disinfectant.



• Wash the interior of the cassette with dishwashing soap or a mild detergent that does not contain chlorine.

• Scrub the inside with a cleaning pad designed for use with Teflon™-coated surfaces.

• After removing all traces of the detergent, treat interior surfaces of the cassette with the STAT-DRI™Plus drying agent to enhance the drying process. Order more STAT-DRI™ Plus from your dealer quoting 2OZPLUS, 8OZPLUST, or 32OZPLUS

Biological and/or Air Filter

• Check the filter for dirt and moisture. Replace if dirty. Call for service if wet.

Water Filter

• Check the water reservoir filter every week and clean if necessary. Replace only if necessary.

Every 6 months

Cassette Seal • Replace every 500 cycles or six months (whichever is first), or whenever necessary.
Biological and/or Air Filter • Replace every 500 cycles or six months (whichever is first).


Once a year


• Check the tray, lid and seal for damage. Replace if necessary.

Biological Filter

• Inspect the biological filter for moisture.

Solenoid Valve

• Inspect the valve and clean if dirty. Replace the plunger if defective.


• Clean the filters, replace if dirty.

Check Valve

• Remove the exhaust tube from the back of the unit during the air drying phase. Check for air coming from the fitting.

• Remove the air compressor tube from the check valve inlet while running a cycle. Make sure no steam is leaking from the valve. Replace if there are any leaks.

Water Reservoir

• Check the reservoir for dirt. Clean and rinse with steam process distilled water if necessary.


• Calibrate the unit.

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