STATIM for Body Artists

Participate in our Facebook user group for Body Artists Welcome new members! Please ask any Statim, Hydrim instrument washer, Aquastat Distiller, Bravo Autoclaves, All-in-one or other product related questions here and check out the page and shop at Open to all STATIM autoclave and related infection prevention equipment topics of conversation for Piercing, Tattoo and all … Read more

Automated instrument washing

More about HYDRIM automated instrument washers from SciCan How automated washers in dental practices improve the sterilization process As primary health care providers, dentists are on the front line of infection control and must employ the most thorough and efficient methods available when reprocessing dental instruments. That’s why it is important that the profession as … Read more

STATIM seals go green!

Expect a new color and quality performance from the new STATIM cassette chamber seal formulation.


Over the past 20 years, you have come to recognize the unique black rectangular Statim cassette seal. SciCan would like to inform you that over the next few months the black seal will be changing to the SciCan green colour and the STATIM name will be embossed onto the seal, to make them easy to tell apart from the imitations.

The Environmentally Friendly ‘Superbug’ Killer

Optim 33TB one step cleaner disinfectant It has long been known that hydrogen peroxide can kill germs without being harmful to users. However, up to now, this remarkable chemical had not been considered stable enough to be practical as the foundation for a system of commercial disinfectant cleaners. Scientists at Virox Technologies Inc. have now developed … Read more

How to check the pressure relief valve on the steam generator

Technical Service Bulletin 22-TSB-432-EN 08/24/2022  Models and Markets: All STATIM G4 2000 and 5000 units worldwide.  Description: How to check the pressure relief valve on the steam generator.  Summary: Some jurisdictions may require that technicians check the steam generator’s  pressure relief valve as part of an annual service. This bulletin describes the two PRV types  and how … Read more

Technical Service Bulletin 21-TSB-412 Touchscreens Troubleshooting

Product Support  Description:   LCD touchscreen for old generation STATIM® G4 now available.   Models and Markets: All STATIM® G4 units; worldwide.  Summary:  A replacement LCD touchscreen is now available again to repair STATIM G4 units with old generation LCD  controller boards.   Responding to the demand for a reasonable alternative to a complete cover replacement, Coltene SciCan  … Read more

Inside SciCan

Curious where yor Statim and Hydrim were made? COLTENE SciCan provides a complete range of infection control solutions for dentists, ophthalmologists and medical clinics in dozens of countries around the world. Much of what we design, build, distribute and maintain is focused on efficiently washing, disinfecting and sterilizing dental and medical instruments. In the … Read more

VistaPure AutoFill for Statim and Bravo autoclaves

Look, Doc: no hands! VistaPure accessories include patented AutoFill devices designed to replenish SciCan STATIM and BRAVO autoclaves with distilled-quality water automatically, enabling truly hands-free convenience. An optional adapter kit is also available for utilizing VistaPure’s hyper-filtered water for the final rinse cycle of instrument washers. Date: August 9, 2016 Re: VistaPure AutoFill Kit SciCan … Read more

HYDRIM Operating Cost Calculator


Thinking about how much you could save with a HYDRIM?

Operating cost calculator

In order to realize your savings with HYDRIM, the details of your practice into the calculator.

Note: The costs for water and electricity are average prices based on researched information from 2013.

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