Sterilization Using SciCan Equipment

A cellular layout for instrument processing with SciCan equipment from

A cellular layout consisting of:

  1. Staging / inspection area
    1. Storage for indicators and packaging supplies above and chemicals below sink
    2. A tightly lidded ultrasonic with built in drain pump would be optional in between this area and the sink
  2. Deep sink for rinsing and manual scrubbing dirty items only [no hand washing]
  3. HYDRIM L for instrument washing, disinfection and drying
  4. Packaging / inspection area
    1. A magnifying lamp is especially helpful here to detect residues or defects
  5. Separate protected area for the STATIM 5000 and STATIM 2000
    1. Closed storage for SYS-TM and Surgical instrument management cassettes and unwrapped instruments that have already been processed and sterilized
    2. Space for waste bottle to drain below
    3. Ensure that the bubble is leveled to the front right corner and the drain tube cut to length so that it descends in a direct path to the waste bottle below the STATIM autoclave.
    • The STATIM 7000 and BRAVO can be plumbed to drain directly for your convenience instead of using the waste bottle.
    • We offer an accessory to make direct to drain connection possible for all other STATIM autoclaves. Never empty or overflow another waste bottle!
  6. Space for AquaStat water distiller
  7. Storage area for packaged sterilized items

Not shown but suggested:

  • Separate sink for hand washing only
  • Storage for clean personal protective equipment nearby
  • AquaStat to make perfect distilled water to use in the STATIM
  • VistaPure AutoFill instead of AquaStat for pure water

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