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Latest generation!
STATIM 2000 G4 right
Statim 2000 G4
Statim 2000 G4
Latest revision STATIM 2000 G4 for Piercers with new touchscreen, PC board, and probe bracket with recessed thermocouple
List price $7,287.93
Save $897.93
Cutting Edge Sterilization
StatClave G4
StatClave G4
StatClave G4
STATCLAVE G4 is a Class B vacuum sterilizer with an 11 inch chamber as a companion to your STATIM for loads of packages
List price $9,852.10
Save $702.10
Training and expert support included!
For New Jewelry!
Steam Cleaner
Steam Cleaner
Steam Cleaner
Steam clean before anodizing and sterilizing!
Safe and effective!
OPTIM 1 Ready To Use Wipes (12/case)
OPTIM 1 Ready To Use Wipes (12/case)
OPTIM 1 Ready To Use Wipes (12/case)
Get Optim 33TB for immediate delivery, or order this and it will ship soon
List price $209.09
Save $28.09



Use the StatMat to protect your new STATIM, or install one on a damaged STATIM cover to restore a clean, professional look.

When your STATIM cover is damaged, paint chips can fall into the reservoir and damage internal components. Use a StatMat to prevent costly repairs and down time.

Old StatMat


  • Safe
    The (Old version White) StatMat features a Klean Touch™ antimicrobial surface, which guards against the buildup of dangerous microbes.
  • Aesthetic
    A clean appearance is important in patient treatment areas. Don’t let worn, damaged equipment spoil your image! The StatMat can keep your STATIM looking like new for years.
  • Functional
    The StatMat serves as a both surface protector and a work mat – turning the top of your STATIM into a practical work space.

StatMat StatMat On Old STATIM 2000