Use the StatMat to protect your new STATIM, or install one on a damaged STATIM cover to restore a clean, professional look.

When your STATIM cover is damaged, paint chips can fall into the reservoir and damage internal components. Use a StatMat to prevent costly repairs and down time.

Old StatMat


  • Safe
    The (Old version White) StatMat features a Klean Touch™ antimicrobial surface, which guards against the buildup of dangerous microbes.
  • Aesthetic
    A clean appearance is important in patient treatment areas. Don’t let worn, damaged equipment spoil your image! The StatMat can keep your STATIM looking like new for years.
  • Functional
    The StatMat serves as a both surface protector and a work mat – turning the top of your STATIM into a practical work space.

StatMat StatMat On Old STATIM 2000