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Why Use A Compact HYDRIM Automated Washer?

The advantages of automated washing systems over traditional manual cleaning are recognized by the CDC and independent research and testing organizations.

If it’s not clean, it can’t be sterilized.

SciCan offers the tabletop HYDRIM C51WD instrument washer and the newly redesigned floor model HYDRIM L110W to meet the needs of your studio or clinic.

Key benefits to your studio or practice are:

Virtually eliminates hand scrubbing

Protect staff against the hazards of skin puncture and aerosolized contaminants from manual or ultrasonic washing, manual rinsing and manual drying.

Save valuable time

Spend less time on meticulous manual cleaning.

Third party cleaning validation indicates 99.9% protein removal

HYDRIM’S powerful circulation pumps and wash arms, combined with SciCan’s HIP chemical, result in exceptional cleaning performance.

Proprietary Chemical

HIP chemical is a proprietary blend of surfactants (Surface Acting Agents), which are substances that reduce the surface tension of the water and increase its ability to lift debris from instruments. Your valuable instruments are cleaned and protected with HIP!

Consistent repeatable cycles

Ensure that every set of instruments receives the same validated cleaning process, without the variability inherent in manual scrubbing and ultrasonic cleaners.

Fresh water and chemical for each load

A precise amount of liquid cleaning solution is dispensed automatically. In contrast with ultrasonic cleaners, HYDRIM uses fresh water for each cycle.

Easily adaptable for either loose instruments or cassettes

Accommodates your current instrument management procedures.

The HYDRIM® Washing System

Prior to placing instruments in the HYDRIM, remove gross debris. Then load instruments in cassettes or baskets, place in the HYDRIM, and press start. HYDRIM’s rapid cycles wash, rinse and dry your instruments, preparing them for sterilization in STATIM® or other autoclaves. The HIPTM chemical (HYDRIM Cleaning Solution with Instrument Protection) has been carefully formulated to provide outstanding compatibility with a wide range of materials and coatings. HIP is automatically added at various stages in the cycle to optimize the cleaning and protection of instruments. Independent testing indicates 99.9% protein removal — far beyond the level detectable with the naked eye! Speed, durability, proprietary chemical and software; these are the elements that combine to make HYDRIM the best instrument washing system available.


HYDRIM Instrument Washers — Designed for Professional Use

C51w L110w
Ease of use
Large window in the door allows operator to observe the cycle x
Touchscreen display x
Three-button user interface x
Cycle running indicator x
Capacity and Cycle
10-cassette (8″ x 11″) capacity x
4-cassette (8″ x 11″) capacity x
Easily configured for loose instruments and various cassette sizes x x
Fast wash cycle and efficient water use x x
Mechanical and Construction
Active drying system consisting of heater and blower dries instruments rapidly and prevents corrosion x x
Stainless steel 304 construction, designed specifically for professional use x x
Integrated liquid chemical dosing system assures accuracy, minimizes user intervention and requires no additional cabinet space x x


Expand to view Hydrim accessoriesACCESSORIES

HIP Cleaning Solution C51w CS-HIPC

C51w Rack for 2 Baskets & 2 Cassettes
137/8 x 137/8 x 63/4″
(350 x 350 x 17 mm)

C51w L110w Hinged Instrument Rack
71/2 x 4 x 41/4″
(192 x 100 x 109 mm)

4-Cassette Rack
15 x 151/8 x 6 1/4″
(380 x 385 x 160 mm)
4 cassette rack
C51w L110w 4 XL Cassette Rack, Full Size
187/8 x 131/8 x 57/8″
(480 x 355 x 158 mm)
C51w L110w STATIM 2000 Basket
103/4 x 7 x 15/8″
(275 x 178 x 42 mm)
C51w L110w STATIM 5000 Basket
131/2 x 7 x 15/8″
(373 x 178 x 42 mm)

C51w Large Basket
141/2 x 133/4 x 21/2″
(368 x 350 x 64 mm)

C51w L110w Support Rack
133/4 x 133/4 x 17/8″
(350 x 350 x 48 mm)

C51w Hygiene Basket
8 x 41/2 x 11/4″
(203 x 114 x 32 mm)

C51w Basket with Hinged Lid
81/2 x 51/2 x 21/8″
(216 x 140 x 54 mm)



C51w L110w
Dimensions (w x h x d) 600 x 475 x 460 mm
(23.75″ x 18.75″ x 18.25″)
600 x 850 x 600 mm
(23.75″ x 33.5″ x 23.75″)
Depth with Door Open 780 mm / 30.75″ 1200 mm / 47″
Weight 34 kg / 75 lbs. 80 kg / 176 lbs.
Cycle Times*:
Rinse and Hold 8 mins. 9 mins.
Regular Wash + Dry 19 mins. + 10 mins. 16 mins. + 10 mins.
Heavy Duty Wash + Dry 23 mins. + 10 mins. 25 mins. + 10 mins.
*Actual cycle times will vary with incoming water temperature and pressure.
Water Consumption Per Cycle:
Rinse and Hold 6 litres / 1.6 gallons 11.5 litres / 3 gallons
Regular Wash 14 litres / 3.7 gallons 19 litres / 4.75 gallons
Heavy Duty Wash 14 litres / 3.7 gallons 25 litres / 6.25 gallons
Electrical Connection:
North America 208 -240V, 10A, 60Hz 208 -240V, 15A, 60Hz
Running Noise 60dB (wash) 60dB (wash)
Water and Drain Connections:
Hot and Cold Water Tap Connection 3/4″ Garden hose, male 3/4″ Garden hose, male
Recommended Hot Water Temperature 50°C to 70°C / 122°F to 158°F 50°C to 70°C / 122°F to 158°F
Cold Water Temperature < 30°C / 86°F < 30°C / 86°F
Inlet Water Pressure 1 -10 bar / 14.5 -145 psi 1 -10 bar / 14.5 -145 psi
Drain 2 cm / 3/4″ 2 cm / 3/4″
Cleaning Solution Dose Per Cycle 50 mL / 2 fl. oz. (Regular or HD) 120 mL / 4 fl. oz. (HD)
Water Softener Capacity 0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs. salt 1 kg / 2.2 lbs. salt
Ordering Information:
C51w-D01 L110w-D01
includes two STATIM 2000 baskets includes 5-cassette rack (full size),
5-cassette rack (half size),
basket with hinged lid,
and hygiene basket