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Statim 2000 G4
Statim 2000 G4
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Statim 2000 G4
3rd revision G4 with redesigned touchscreen, PC board, and probe bracket with recessed thermocouple
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OPTIM 1 Ready To Use Wipes (12/case)
OPTIM 1 Ready To Use Wipes (12/case)
OPTIM 1 Ready To Use Wipes (12/case)
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Cutting Edge Sterilization
StatClave G4
StatClave G4
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StatClave G4
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Steam Cleaner
Steam Cleaner
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Steam Cleaner
Steam clean before anodizing and sterilizing!
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Air Disinfecting Purifier-70
Air Disinfecting Purifier-70
Air Disinfecting Purifier-70
NASA spinoff technology
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Water Distiller LP-90 Deluxe
Water Distiller LP-90 Deluxe
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Water Distiller LP-90 Deluxe
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Statim 5000 G4
Statim 5000 G4
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Statim 5000 G4
Larger volume for wrapped loads, same Statim technology!
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Hydrim Wash Test Indicator
Hydrim Wash Test Indicator
Hydrim Wash Test Indicator
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Fast, Gentle, Reliable, and Smart.

STATIM is the world’s fastest cassette autoclave from start to sterile, gentle on your instruments due to its patented steam process and relied upon by the busiest of practices.

Drawing on over 25 years of innovation, the leader in autoclave technology has created a complete line of STATIM Cassette Autoclaves – designed to meet the needs of every size of practice. The STATIM family comprises the fastest, most innovative cassette autoclaves available on the market today.


STATIM provides sterilization and dryness at speeds faster than conventional chambered autoclaves.

  • Using only a small amount of water for each cycle, the STATIM heats and converts to steam in mere seconds.
  • The innovative design of STATIM’s fully removable chamber allows for quick heating and cooling.
  • A complete solution: rapid sterilization with rapid drying via the STATIM Dri-Tec drying technology.


G4 Technology – information at your fingertips.

  • WiFi enabled G4 technology can connect and send cycle data to your smart devices or computer, allowing staff to focus on the most important thing in a dental practice, the patients.
  • Maintenance reminders, instructions and the option for automatic software updates keep your STATIM in good working order.
  • G4 technology connects your STATIM to specialized technicians, which allows for remote support and minimizes unnecessary downtime.


For over 25 years, STATIM’s speed, reliability and dependability have made it the ideal sterilizer for every practice.

  • Healthcare practitioners in over 90 countries around the world rely on STATIM to protect their patients and staff from infection.
  • The spirit of innovation that made STATIM an integral part of every Stericentre over 25 years ago is still evident with the technological advancements like G4 technology that bring automation to the Stericentre.
  • Whether as a stand-alone product or in combination with the Bravo Chamber Sterilizer, dentists rely on STATIM for fast and efficient instrument turnaround.

STATIM G4 Sterilization Cycle Specifications

CycleSterilization Temp.Sterilization TimeTotal Cycle Time
(*does not include drying)
STATIM 2000 G4
Unwrapped135°C3.5 Minutes6 Minutes
Wrapped135°C10 Minutes14 Minutes
Rubber/Plastic121°C15 Minutes20 Minutes
Heavy Duty Unwrapped
/Air Drying
Air drying onlyAir drying onlyAir drying only
STATIM 5000 G4
Unwrapped132°C3.5 Minutes9 Minutes
Wrapped132°C6 Minutes17.5 Minutes
Rubber/Plastic121°C35 Minutes45 Minutes
Heavy Duty Unwrapped
/Air Drying
132°C6 Minutes12 Minutes

STATIM G4 Technical Specifications

STATIM 2000 G4
Unit Size (L x W x H)19.5” x 16.3” x 5.9” or 49.5 cm x 41.5cm x 15cm
Cassette Internal Dimensions11” x 7.1” x 1.4” or 28cm x 18cm x 3.5cm
Reservoir Capacity4.0 liters (140 fl. oz.) distilled water. Approximately 40 cycles
Weight Without Water46lbs or 21kg
Power Consumption110-120V, 60Hz, 11A
Statim 5000 G4
Unit Size (L x W x H)23.6” x 16.1” x 7.5” or 60 cm x 41cm x 19cm
Cassette Internal Dimensions15” x 7” x 3” or 38cm x 18cm x 7.5cm
Weight Without Water73lbs or 33kg
Power Consumption110V, 60Hz, 11A


STATIM G4 Cassette Autoclave In-service (United States)
STATIM Cassette Autoclave Introduction


ACCESSORIES available in the Shop:

statim_2000_cassettesysTM_cassetteSurgical Plastic Sterilization TraysStat-Dri Plus

The use of STATIM sterilizers was introduced to the body art field in the early 1990’s by Brian Skellie at Piercing Experience, and developed in community along with other practical innovations in applied safety precautions and techniques.

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