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Autoclaves, instrument washers, sterile storage, and surface disinfection innovations to optimize your instrument reprocessing.

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STATIM, STATCLAVE and BRAVO autoclave sterilizers | HYDRIM instrument washers | OPTIM disinfectant cleaner

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Statim autoclaves

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STATIM 2000 G4 right
Statim 2000 G4
Statim 2000 G4
Latest revision STATIM 2000 G4 for Piercers with new touchscreen, PC board, and probe bracket with recessed thermocouple
List price $7,287.93
Save $797.93
Statim 5000 G4
Statim 5000 G4
Statim 5000 G4
Larger volume for wrapped loads, same Statim technology!
List price $8,663.20
Save $1,283.20