VistaBrite Water Treatment



  • Specifically designed to filter water used in today’s medical and dental instrument washers
  • Completely non-electric – operates on city water pressure
  • Reduces water contamination in wash water by as much as 95%
  • Reduces total dissolved solids, chlorides and traces of iron
  • Features proprietary ThermoBlend™ technology for quicker cycle times
  • Installs quickly without tools

Why do I need water treatment?

The VISTABRITE is a highly specialized filtration system that reduces the contaminants found in water that can negatively impact the finish of instruments processed in instrument washers. Reduction of these contaminants also greatly reduces spotting and the maintenance required to keep the internal surfaces and working parts of instrument washers clean.

How it works

Water enters the system and is first filtered by the prefilter to remove small sediment and water treatment chemicals like chlorine. The water then moves through the hyperfiltration membrane where the TDS is reduced by as much as 95%. The level of contaminant reduction is totally dependent upon the input water pressure, contamination level and input water temperature. Higher input water pressure results in higher output water quality and pressure.


VistaBrite and Thermoblend are trademarks of Vista Research Group, LLC. VistaBrite is manufactured by Vista Research Group, LLC.

Get a new VistaBrite


Part number Description
R4151  Replacement Carbon Prefilter
R4155  Replacement Hyperfiltration Filter
S9117  TDS/Temp Meter- Hand Held w/ Case


Please note: We sell to PIERCING, TATTOO & Spa customers, not Dental or Medical

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