HYDRIM Operating Cost Calculator


Thinking about how much you could save with a HYDRIM?

Operating cost calculator

In order to realize your savings with HYDRIM, the details of your practice into the calculator.

Note: The costs for water and electricity are average prices based on researched information from 2013.

All entries can be manually overwritten, except for those selected from drop down menus.

Assumptions: Calculations of monthly operating costs include: labour time, water and electrical consumption, detergent and amortized maintenance/service.

Each chair uses an average of 89 instruments per day.

Based on the average number of instruments used per day for various procedures and a ratio of 2 hygienists chairs for every dentist chair.

Cycles per day = Total instruments consumed per day / Capacity of washing unit.

Automatic Washers run a minimum of 2 cycles per day (even if not loaded to capacity).

 Labour Minutes per Cycle* Instrument Capacity per Cycle
Hydrim C61w 3 120
Hydrim L110w 4 200

Ultrasonic 3L

5 40
Ultrasonic 10L 5 60
Manual 7 5

*Labour Minute Calculations (based on best practice):

Automatic washers: loading and unloading

Ultrasonic: loading, unloading, rinsing, drying and sorting

Manual: scrubbing, rinsing, drying and sorting

Prices and parameters based on non-automatic ultrasonic washers

Ultrasonic Water/Detergent Consumption based on replenishing the fluids in the tank every 5 cycles

C61w Cycle: P3 – Heavy Duty

L110w Cycle: P3 – Heavy Duty

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