VistaPure AutoFill for Statim and Bravo autoclaves

Look, Doc: no hands!AutoFill@2x

VistaPure accessories include patented AutoFill devices designed to replenish SciCan STATIM and BRAVO autoclaves with distilled-quality water automatically, enabling truly hands-free convenience. An optional adapter kit is also available for utilizing VistaPure’s hyper-filtered water for the final rinse cycle of instrument washers.


Date: August 9, 2016

Re: VistaPure AutoFill Kit

SciCan is proud to announce VistaPure’s AutoFill accessory for SciCan’s STATIM and BRAVO autoclaves.

AutoFill is an efficient, reliable and maintenance free solution to filling your autoclaves with distilled quality water – Enabling hands-free convenience.

VistaPure AutoFill accessory kits work with all VistaPure systems and can be easily installed on any new or older-model STATIM 2000 or 5000, or any BRAVO autoclave.


  • Efficient – No more staff time spent filling autoclaves = more time with patients
  • Convenient – No more purchasing and storing distilled water = saving the office money
  • Easy – No more spills while filling autoclaves manually
  • Peace of mind – No more cycle-fault errors caused by forgetting to fill reservoirs

Part number and pricing are listed below. AutoFill will be available for sale effective August 9, 2016 *AutoFill Information Sheet

Product Number / Description / MSRP

  • S3020 / AutoFill for STATIM / $199.00
  • S3030 / AutoFill for BRAVO / $249.00