Inside SciCan

Curious where yor Statim and Hydrim were made?

COLTENE SciCan provides a complete range of infection control solutions for dentists, ophthalmologists and medical clinics in dozens of countries around the world. Much of what we design, build, distribute and maintain is focused on efficiently washing, disinfecting and sterilizing dental and medical instruments.

In the dental industry, we’re known as the maker of the STATIM Cassette Autoclave@. It’s the fastest cassette autoclave out there. But we offer more than just technology, and more than just dental.

Working with industry professionals and regulators, we provide the dental, ophthalmology, and endoscopy markets with the most innovative and effective products available. Our global network of infection control experts develop real-world solutions based on our big-picture understanding of how good design, effective work flow, and sound ergonomics make for better and safer patient care

From the largest multi-office practice to the smallest clinic, SciCan products are used to carefully and efficiently clean, disinfect and sterilize instruments to fight the spread of diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

Why SciCan products?

Infection control is not new, but governments and regulatory bodies around the world are recognizing its importance and driving new changes in the industry. The demand for infection control solutions is growing in unprecedented ways, and we’re ready to grow with it. History of growth

COLTENE SciCan developed the ground-breaking STATIM Cassette Autoclave in the late 1980s. Back when autoclaves could take as much as 45 minutes to sterilize dental equipment, the STATIM® was doing it in 6 minutes. In 1992, a story aired on a popular news program about a dentist who allegedly passed the AIDS virus to five of his patients through an infected dental handpiece. That’s when dentists began using sterilizers to process their instruments after every patient. Demand for a fast sterilizer grew exponentially and today you’ll find STATIMs in dental offices around the world.