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Optim 33TB one step cleaner disinfectant

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OptIM disinfectant cleanerIt has long been known that hydrogen peroxide can kill germs without being harmful to users. However, up to now, this remarkable chemical had not been considered stable enough to be practical as the foundation for a system of commercial disinfectant cleaners.

Scientists at Virox Technologies Inc. have now developed a way to put this world’s oldest known antimicrobial to work. Patented accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) is a stable cleaning and disinfecting solution with enhanced germicidal activity that is not harmful to those who use it, or to the environment.

Now available from SciCan Inc. in the U.S.A. through STATIM.US, OPTIM 33 TB with AHP chemistry is the first real breakthrough in chemical germicides in over 25 years. It is not a mere substitute for current surface disinfection technologies, but a truly new technology with demonstrable superiority in a number of key areas:

1. Contact times

  • 1 minute Bactericidal (including MRSA ‘Superbug’, E. Coli and VRE)
  • 1 minute Virucidal (including HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Influenza A and Polio)
  • 5 minutes Tuberculocidal

2. Cleaning efficacy – one-step cleaning and disinfecting ability

3. User Safety – OPTIM 33TB carries no warning labels

4. Environmental Impact – hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen

Many chemical disinfectant manufacturers try to strike the difficult balance between the safety and the efficacy of their products. It is easy to create a disinfectant that will kill pathogens, however, that disinfectant may be harmful to users and may not be environmentally responsible.

With OPTIM 33TB, there is no longer a need to compromise on efficacy (contact times), personal safety or environmental integrity.

AHP is a synergistic blend of commonly used ‘safe’ ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide dramatically increases its germicidal potency and cleaning performance. AHP contains only those ingredients listed on the U.S.A EPA inerts listing and the FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) listing which contribute to unsurpassed health, safety and environmental sustainability. OPTIM 33TB carries no warning labels.

The benefits and efficacy of AHP have been validated by third party clinical studies conducted by scientific organizations and third party researchers that are recognized by government regulatory agencies in the United States, Canada and other countries around the world.

The applications for AHP are numerous. Widely used in medical offices, it is also commonly used in hospitals, long term care facilities, daycare centers, and other environments.

For an uncompromisingly high standard of infection control, turn to OPTIM 33TB to quickly and safely clean and disinfect.

StatClean Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Product Details

Treat Yourself to a New Ultrasonic.

StatClean’s 1.6 gallon tank and convenient self docking lid, holds a variety of instruments in the unique hands free drying basket, making it the perfect ultrasonic to complete your reprocessing needs.



  • Minimize noise level with StatClean’s 4.5mm thick wall housing and tank lid.
  • Made from engineering grade plastic making it quieter than most steel

Easy To Use

  • 3 color LED touch screen conveniently displays the 1-30 minute timer and 5 temperature settings with advanced power off memory capability memorizing last timer and temperature setting.
  • Easy to access drainage valve – Eliminates manual emptying and potential spills.


  • Two ceramic heaters are mounted under StatClean’s tank for even heating.
  • Independent control circuits for each transducer increasing up to 40% higher cleaning efficiency.


Tank Capacity: 1.6 gallon (6.0L)

Maximum Capacity: 1.3 gallon (5.0L)

Minimum Capacity: 0.9 gallon (3.35L)

Tank Size: 12.7” x 8.1” x 3.9”

Longest item fits inside tank: (32.3 x 20.5 x 9.9 cm) 13.4” (34.0 cm)


StatClean’s Cleaner of Choice.

  • Effective cleaner
  • Efficient 5 minute clean time
  • Gentle cleaning experience
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide
Manufactured by VIROX Technologies Inc.


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