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Never empty your STATIM condenser bottle again!

VistaCool - the only direct-to-drain system designed from the ground up for your STATIM 2000 and 5000 cassette autoclaves. VistaCool eliminates the need for autoclave condenser bottles by cooling sterilizer wastewater and sending it directly down the drain automatically.

Protect Cabinets

Helps prevent mold, mildew, rot and rust caused by spills and humid environments created by exhaust from condenser bottles.

Protects Drains

Prevents autoclave wastewater from damaging plumbing. Built-in backflow prevention meets or exceeds local plumbing codes..

Protects Staff

Eliminates the need for office staff to empty hot water bottles manually.

Saves Time

Install Anywhere

The innovative design of the new VistaCool 3 provides all the same benefits as its predecessors, while occupying less space. The system’s included mounting clips and pressurized drain line enable it to be installed vertically or horizontally in almost any location.

  • FAST Drains STATIM exhaust safely and automatically.
  • EFFICIENT Eliminates wasted staff time emptying condenser bottle.
  • COST EFFECTIVE Dedicate more resources to patient care and less on maintenance

SciCan VistaCool Sophisticated wax motor allows cold water into the system ONLY when the sterilizer is in use.

VistaCool will work with the STATIM 2000 or 5000 and other select sterilizers.
System will continuously cool your STATIM’s hot exhaust and drain it safely – no matter how many cycles you run.
VistaCool is the only direct-to-drain product designed to safely and effectively drain the steam exhaust from a STATIM 2000 or 5000 and other select sterilizers.

Triangular water tank is shaped to take up less space under your sink. Double unit services two sterilizers. No counter drilling or air gap (in most cases).

All components and system set-up are compliant with most regional plumbing codes.

Can be used with all drainage pipe material types.
Water tank is made of recycled plastic material.
No consumable parts and no daily maintenance is required.

Over the last 20 years, the STATIM cassette autoclave is one of the quintessential innovations in sterilization technology and enjoys leadership in the body art, dental and ophthalmology markets in over 90 countries. Designed to sterilize in a fraction of the time compared to traditional autoclaves, the STATIM reduced the quantity of expensive instruments needed.

To enhance the STATIM functionality, SciCan is proud to introduce the latest innovation to the STATIM brand: the VistaCool. The VistaCool is a direct-to-drain system whereby the STATIM is connected directly to the office or clinic plumbing. What this means is, rather than the STATIM unit draining into the external drainage bottle, the STATIM can now vent the used sterilization water directly down the main office drain.

There are many benefits of venting the STATIM unit directly down the drain, most notably saving time and increasing office efficiency. The VistaCool will save time, as a staff person will no longer be responsible for regularly emptying the bottle.

The VistaCool uses cold city water to cool the steam quickly and efficiently. The thermal sensor only activates when the system is in use, so water is only used when it’s needed. The built-in safety feature prevents the system from overheating and damaging office cabinetry.


V7501 V7502 V7601
Tank Material Polyethylene – Gray Gray ABS Tank, PVC End Caps
Tank Dimensions 10.75" W x 5.75" L x 13.75" H 4.0" W x 13.0" L x 17.0" H 3.5" Diameter x 15.0" L
Tank Volume 1.50 Gallons / 5.70 Liters 3.00 Gallons / 11.40 Liters 0.37 Gallons / 1.40 Liters
Tank Weight (w/ water & Fittings) 15.0 lbs. / 6.8 kg 28.0 lbs. / 12.7 kg 5.0 lbs. / 2.3 kg
Coolant Water Connection Supply fittings for 1/4" O.D. feed tubing included.
Drain/Wastewater Connection Drain tee with fittings included. Not included.
Max Coolant Water Pressure 100 psi / 6.9 bar
Max Altitude (If using Air Gap) 6,561 feet / 2000 meters



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  • Anodizing titanium parts such as jewelry before sterilization and wear renders the surface smoother and passive.
  • The anodization process removes microscopic particulate matter that would otherwise be missed by acid or alkaline cleaning, solvents, steam and ultrasonic methods. [Reference — ASTM F-86 standard method for surface finish and passivation]
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