VistaPure deionized water treatment system

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Brand: SciCan
Model: Statim, StatClave, Bravo, Hydrim C, Hydrim L

Your Steri-Center’s best friend.

VistaPure™ provides two grades of high-quality water for autoclaves, dental bottles, ultrasonic cleaners and instrument washers for the ultimate convenience.


Universal System

VistaPure will work with the STATIM® Cassette Autoclaves, BRAVO™ Chamber Autoclaves, HYDRIM® Instrument Washers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Dental Bottles, other select sterilizers and automated washers.

High Quality Water

Water is autoclave-ready, distilled quality (deionized) water which eliminates the need to buy distilled water or own a distiller.

Easy to Use

VistaPure’s handheld, point-and-shoot wand makes it easy for anyone to fill autoclaves, no matter where they’re located, and the system’s mounted faucet makes it easy to fill Dental Unit bottles over a sink. We will also offer unique “automatic water filling control” options for our STATIM and BRAVO sterilizers along with our HYDRIM final rinse options.

Smart Design

VistaPure’s filter panel fits neatly under the steri-center counter with slides for easy access to the filters.


VistaPure provides a high volume of ready-to-use water, on demand. Its large 4.25-gallon storage tank means you don’t need to wait for deionization and R/O processes to take place.


Each VistaPure features an in-line TDS meter that monitors water quality—and also makes it easy to know when it’s time to replace your filters.

Hands Free

VistaPure accessories include patented AutoFill devices designed to replenish SciCan STATIM and BRAVO autoclaves with distilled-quality water automatically, enabling truly hands-free convenience. An optional adapter kit is also available for utilizing VistaPure’s hyper-filtered water for the final rinse cycle of instrument washers.


VistaPure AutoFill

VistaPure’s patented AutoFill accessories replenish SciCan STATIM®and BRAVO™ autoclaves with distilled-quality water automatically — enabling truly hands-free convenience.

VistaPure AutoFill accessory kits work with all VistaPure systems and can be installed easily on any STATIM 2000/G4 or STATIM 5000/G4, or any BRAVO autoclave, in just a few minutes!

  • No more purchasing and storing distilled water
  • No more cycle-fault errors caused by forgetting to fill reservoirs
  • No more spills while filling autoclaves manually
  • No more staff time spent filling autoclaves = more time with patients

VistaPure AutoFill Installation

A 12-foot length of clear polyurethane tubing is already attached to the AutoFill manifold. If the desired distance between the connection to the VistaPure and the autoclave is greater than 12 feet, simply order a longer length of the clear polyurethane tubing, as the distance from the VistaPure to the autoclave is not limited, except by the feed tubing.

Installing AutoFill on a STATIM

The VistaPure AutoFill for STATIM device (S3020) can be installed on any STATIM 2000/G4 or STATIM 5000/G4 autoclave as follows:

Installing AutoFill on a BRAVO

The VistaPure AutoFill for BRAVO device (S3030) can be installed on any model BRAVO autoclave.

In order to connect the VistaPure AutoFill to the BRAVO, one of the two tanks that come with the BRAVO must be selected as a “relay tank” since the BRAVO system uses a suction-lift pump to fill its reservoir when in its automatic-filling mode. Note that the relay tank must be located within 6 feet of the BRAVO unit, due to the suction-lift capacity of the BRAVO pump.

Connecting to a StatClave G4

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