OPTIM 33TB cleaning protocol


OPTIM™33 TB Quick Reference Guide


Give all surfaces a rinse with mild soap & water before switching to OPTIM.

SciCan_OPTIM_USAQUATs (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) or phenol based disinfectants are common active ingredients in the dental operatory today and are known to leave residual active chemistry on surfaces. AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) is an oxidizer and will remove chemical residues left by other surface disinfectants. There may be odor or film development if surfaces are not rinsed (damp wiped) properly with soap & water. This odor or film should however dissipate on average within 7 to 10 days of continual use as AHP will remove the residual active ingredient.

Surfaces need to be periodically rinsed with water!

Dissents or complaints happen when users are not informed on the correct protocol when using the product. It is good practice to periodically (at least once a week) rinse or wipe surfaces with a damp cloth to remove surfactants (detergents) or residual active ingredients that can build up over time with the use of ANY disinfectant cleaner.

No mixing of chemistries!

Mixing of chemistries in operatory i.e. using quats-alcohol/phenol disinfectant and OPTIM 33 TB in the same operatory or refilling OPTIM into chemical container used previously for other chemicals is not recommended. It is best practice to never mix chemistries (any kind) no matter what industry you are in.

On which surfaces can OPTIM 33 TB be used?

Non-porous hand contact environmental surfaces including Naugahyde (vinyl coated upholstery fabric).

NOTE: Soft surfaces such as chairs and cables should be periodically rinsed with water or wiped with a damp cloth to prevent the build-up of disinfectant or surfactants. As best practice, for any kind of disinfectant or cleaners used, chairs should be wiped with a damp cloth at the end of the day or at least once a week.


– Surfaces that are composed of brass or copper, or other ferrous metals may show signs of discoloration or pitting with prolonged exposure.

– Anodized aluminum (often used on hand-pieces) and carbon tipped instruments should be avoided (i.e. burrs). Material impact can be reduced with rinsing or damp wiping.

We advise against wrapping gauze pad or ‘sleeves’ soaked in disinfectant on hand-pieces.

OPTIM 33 TB Solution

OPTIM 33TBSpray – Wipe – Spray Protocol

Visibly Soiled Surface – Clean before disinfecting

  1. Spray OPTIM 33 TB directly onto surface.
  2. Wipe visible soil with Stat-Wipes or clean paper towel to clean surface.
  3. Discard soiled towelette.
  4. Continue to disinfection step

Visibly Clean Surface – Disinfect pre-clean surface

  1. Spray OPTIM 33TB to cover the pre-clean surface. Allow the disinfectant to remain
  2. undisturbed on the surface for the contact time indicated on the label.
  3. *Do not overspray as this can create pooling of liquid. OPTIM 33TB is water based not alcohol based.
  4. Wipe with Stat-Wipes or clean paper towel.
  5. Discard used towelette.

*Using gauze dipped in solutions for wiping can cause pooling of liquid on surface. Wipe surface dry with paper towel if surface is still wet after desired contact time is achieved.

** OPTIM 33 TB has been tested in accordance with EPA organic soil load requirement as a One- Step Cleaner Disinfectant. Therefore, OPTIM can be used on visibly clean surface. Depending on the soil load on the surface, the 2 step process is not required due to this EPA claim.

OPTIM 33 TB Wipes

SciCan Optim33TB Wipes Standard Protocol for Visibly Soiled Surface

Clean before disinfecting

  1. Pull out OPTIM 33 TB towelette from the canister.
  2. Clean surface with towelette to remove organic matter or visible blood.
  3. Discard used towellete.

Disinfect After Cleaning

  1. Pull out OPTIM 33 TB towelette from the canister.
  2. Disinfect surface with towelette.
  3. Allow surface to remain wet for the recommended contact time.
  4. Discard used towelette.

** OPTIM 33 TB has been tested in accordance with EPA organic soil load requirement as a One-Step Cleaner Disinfectant. Depending on the soil load on the surface, users have the choice of cleaning the surface with one side of the wipe and disinfecting the surface with the reverse side of the wipes. Always allow surface to remain wet for the recommended contact time.

Because OPTIM 33 TB is approved as a One-Step Cleaner Disinfectant, depending on the soil load, the 2 step process may not be required due to this EPA claim.

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OPTIM 28 instrument precleaner

For quick and superior cleaning of instruments, regardless of the processing method.


  • Economical
  • Safe for staff and the environment
  • Fast acting 5-minute cleaning time
  • Bacteriostatic

What is OPTIM 28?
OPTIM 28 is a medical and dental instrument pre-cleaner concentrate (1:128 dilution – 8ml per 1L of water). It offers short, five-minute cleaning times and is used prior to disinfection and sterilization. It is designed to complement the instrument processing technique of your choice: automatic machine, ultrasonic or manual cleaning.

Why use OPTIM 28?
OPTIM 28 is a rapid and easy five-minute cleaning solution to ensure your instruments are clean before disinfection and sterilization. Visible debris that is not removed from your instruments can compromise the disinfection and sterilization process. OPTIM 28 contains Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, a highly effective means of cleaning organic debris. It is non corrosive when used at the correct dilution and effective against protein, carbohydrates and lipids.

How safe is OPTIM 28 for my staff?

An enzyme free, low foam and odourless solution that is pH neutral (at in-use dilution), OPTIM 28 is safe for staff to handle and store. It is also non acidic in use and non flammable.

How safe is OPTIM 28 for the environment?

OPTIM 28 is biodegradable and decomposes to water and oxygen within moments of being properly discharged into a drainage system.

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