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StatClave G4

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(120V) Wifi enabled, waste water direct to drain included

This changes everything. Again.

Introducing the STATCLAVE™ Chamber Autoclave

With the reliability and trust you’ve come to expect from STATIM, the STATCLAVE G4 is designed to deliver speed, capacity and efficiency to your practice. STATCLAVE is a Class B vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both pre-sterilization vacuum to improve steam penetration and post-sterilization vacuum to improve drying. Its 11” chamber and vacuum-assisted closed-door drying efficiently delivers sterilized and dried wrapped instruments.



STATCLAVE can efficiently sterilize and dry wrapped instrument loads in as little as 38 minutes.


Closed-door drying and vacuum technology results in perfectly dried instruments every time.

G4 Technology

SciCan’s G4 equipment can connect and send information to your smart devices or computer so you can have cycle data, instructions, and maintenance notifications at your fingertips.


STATCLAVE’s 11” chamber can sterilize up to four full-size cassettes and 4 exam cassettes or 20 pouches with included pouch racks.


STATCLAVE STATCLAVE offers a number of filling & draining options, including easily accessible and cleanable top reservoirs, front manual fill and a rear automatic fill option that can be connected to the VistaPure water filtration system for automated filling.


Fresh water is used in every cycle, reducing the buildup of oils and debris.

STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave

Featuring the STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave for sterilizing dental instruments.

STATCLAVE G4 Launch at PDC 2019

Ted Gray and Melissa Summerfield discuss the latest innovation from SciCan, the STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave.

Cycle Times and Maximum Load Weights (120v)

Cycles Temperature / Time Cycle Times* Maximum Load Weight
Solid Unwrapped 270°F (132°C) / 4 mins 18 mins 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Solid Wrapped 270°F (132°C) / 4 mins 44 mins 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Hollow Unwrapped 270°F (132°C) / 4 mins 23 mins 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Hollow Wrapped 270°F (132°C) / 4 mins 50 mins 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Textiles/Porous 270°F (132°C) / 4 mins 49 mins 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Rubber & Plastic 250°F (121°C) / 20 mins 36 mins 4.4 lbs (2 kg)

*Cycle time will vary depending on instrument load.

Unit Specifications

Unit size (L x W x H)† 25” x 17.75" x 19.5" / 635 x 450 x 495mm
Volume 6.87 gal (26 L)
Chamber Dimensions (D x L) 11" diameter, 15" depth / 297 x 381mm
Weight 61.6 kg (135.8 lbs) (without water and packaging)
Voltage 120V, 60Hz, 12 A

†On the right side, allow 2” (50mm) of space for ventilation. Allow for at least 7” (180mm) above unit to enable access to reservoirs. If less than 7” (180mm), screw on hinges can be removed to allow reservoir lid to slide in and out of position.


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Clean your instruments effectively with the all-in-ONE Universal Processing Solution

The UPS1 Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Detergents cut costs.

The Surgical Instrument Detergent Enzyme Lubricants clean residue free.

Four Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergent Lubricants clean faster.

This product delivers advanced enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergent plus lubricants:

  • Enzyme Cleaners (protease, amylase, carbohydrase, and lipase)
  • Detergent Cleaners (surfactant cleaners)
  • Lubricants (water soluble and free rinsing)
  • Surface Conditioners ( strengthen the chromium passive layer of stainless steel)

Designed for use as:

  • manual surgical instrument and scope cleaning solution,
  • ultrasonic surgical instrument and scope cleaning solution,
  • automated surgical instrument washer and washer disinfector concentrate.

The Universal Processing Solution1

The Neutral pH (7) Surgical Instrument Enzymatic Detergent Lubricants clean fast and residue free. The all-in-ONE™ Surgical Instrument Cleaners deliver the four enzymes that are necessary to break down all forms of proteinaceous bioburden and the surfactant detergents to clean the surface. The all-in-ONE is highly concentrated for faster cleaning and lower cleaning costs.

The all-in-ONE Detergents deliver an average concentration that is 400% higher than the other enzyme detergents. One gallon can deliver 512 gallons (1938 liters) of cleaning and conditioning power. The dilution rate is .25 to .5 ounces per gallon (1.9 ml liters to 3.8 ml per liter) depending on the level of bioburden, encrustation, and stains.

The easy FOAM-it™ Surgical Instrument Pre wash Cleaner delivers a thick layer of long lasting foam cleaners and conditioners to speed the cleaning process. The easy FOAM-it Pre Wash and Cleaner rapidly breaks down all form of proteinaceous bioburden, cleans the surface and then rinses clean, rendering a residue free surface. When water is added or the instrument is placed into a wash basin, the foam dissipates to present a clear working surface, and NO OTHER cleaning products are needed. The easy-FOAM-it is highly concentrated to deliver all you need in ONE application.

The easy FOAM-it can replace:

all-in-ONE easy-Foam-it-C3

  • enzyme cleaners,
  • surgical instrument cleaning detergents,
  • STAIN removers,
  • surface conditioners, and
  • surgical instrument lubricants,

in one application.

Four enzymes are necessary to breakdown bioburden on soiled surgical instruments. Surgical instrument cleaners that do not contain these four enzymes cannot remove all forms of proteinaceous bioburden.

For the surgical instrument cleaning process to be thorough, four enzymes are needed:

  1. Lipase Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes: for fat
  2. Amylase Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes: for starch
  3. Carbohydrase Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes: for high starches
  4. Protease Surgical Instrument Cleaner Enzymes: for blood

The ONLY other product that delivers these 4 enzymes is RUHOF within their higher tier products.

  • The all-in-ONE™ Cleaners and Conditioners deliver a unique formulation of detergents and multi-tiered “high-level” enzymes (Protease, Amylase, Lipase, and Carbohydrase) within a Neutral pH surfactant chemical complex.
  • The all-in-ONE™ rapidly breaks down and removes all forms of proteinaceous bioburden, cleans and conditions the surface, enhances the “passive layer” protection of surgical stainless steel, lubricates moving parts, and then rinses clean.
  • The highly concentrated all-in-ONE™ cleaners are aggressive against your most difficult cleaning challenge and guaranteed to be safe for all types of metal, rigid and flexible scopes, lenses, microsurgical instrumentation and reprocessing equipment.


The easy FOAM-it™ lays down a thick blanket to hydrate and remove proteinaceous debris, hard water deposits, and encrusted stains, for fast acting enzyme detergent cleaning action. When water is added the ‘foam’ dissipates to provide a clear ‘free-rinsing’ cleaning and conditioning solution.

all-in-ONE™ Surgical Instrument Cleaners and Conditioners

  • ONE product for cleaning and conditioning Surgical Instruments.
  • ONE application to thoroughly clean and condition Surgical Instruments.
  • Apply it ONCE…
  • It’s all you really need for cleaning and conditioning Surgical Instruments and Scopes as well as Tattoo, Piercing, and Body Modification equipment.

Replace Cleaning and Conditioning products for:

  • removing all forms of bioburden,
  • pre-cleaning and soaking to remove stains,
  • manual cleaning,
  • Ultrasonic cleaning, and
  • Washer Decontaminator Disinfector reprocessing.

Your cleaner instruments will look newer and perform longer.

UPS all-in-ONE™ Surgical Instrument Cleaning and Conditioning liquid available now as:

  • easy FOAM-it™ 32 ounce applicator bottle [12 bottles per case]
  • gallons [4 per case]
  • 5 gallon dispenser container
  • 15 gallon dispenser container
  • 30 gallon dispenser container
  • 55 gallon drum

Directions For Use:


Add 1/4 to 1/2 fl.oz. of UPS1 to one gallon of diluent. Mix well. Optimal temp. range is 120°F-140°F. Completely immerse instruments in solution for 2-4 min. or more as needed for heavily soiled instruments.

Manual Cleaning:

Add 1/4 to 1/2 fl.oz. of UPS1 to one gallon of diluent. Mix well. Optimal temp. range is 120°F-140°F. Follow established cleaning protocol. Rinse thoroughly.

Automated Washer and Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Use 1/4 to 1/2 fl.oz. of UPS1 to one gallon of diluent depending on bioburden load and water hardness. Optimal temperatures: cold water pre-wash < 122°F (50°C), detergent wash 158°F (70°C) to 185°F (85°C), and final rinsing with lubrication of ~ 203°F (95°C).