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Biological Air Filter and Bracket UPGRADE KIT

KITBio Bracket

Biological Air Filter and Bracket UPGRADE KIT KITBio Bracket

Ready to update your older STATIM 2000 unit for a biological air filter system?

Here is what you need included in our Upgrade Kit:

  2. Biological Filter Bracket
  3. 3/8ths Elbow Fittings
  4. Drain Tube Retro Fit Kit

**This is the silver metal bracket which holds the Biological Filter in place. When mounting, the arrow etched onto the bracket should always point away from the Statim's power switch**

In order to install, you must drill 2 holes in the metal of the chassis. One to the lower left and right of compressor as pictured.

(You are going to have extra pieces, a T-connector and a orange drain plug. There is plenty of hose in this kit. There is no other part # for gray hoses for a STATIM 2k, so the drain tube kit is the only option.)

STATIM Air filters

Air filters should be changed every 500 cycles or every six months (whichever is first)

Call for service if wet.

$96 In stock
STATIM 2000, 5000 and 7000 Biological Air Filter (not on older units) Biological Filter Bracket (included in Upgrade Kit) Drain tube retro fit kit (included) - SciCan Authorized Sales and ServiceBuy from us with confidence.

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