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Optim 33TB one step cleaner disinfectant is a perfect product to clean all your studio work surfaces.

  • Safe for exterior surfaces of the STATIM and quality tattoo machines.
  • Quality wipes, no harmful chemicals.

SciCan_OPTIM_USA quick-checkout

AquaStat flash vaporization water distiller

  • New with full one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Forget about buying expensive distilled water.
  • Make your own from any tap water, even spring fed sources!
  • Makes pure distilled that can perfectly fill any STATIM sterilizer.

aquastat AquaStat water distiller inner workings  quick-checkout

Complete STATIM Sterilization Cassettes [parts available separately]

For additional sterilization capacity and improved workflow advantages an extra STATIM cassette for each operator is ideal.
Replace your old STATIM cassette if old, damaged and leaky, or if it bent the thermocouple probe.

STATIM Cassette Size Comparison. Get an extra cassette for additional sterilization capacity. Replace your old STATIM cassette if old, damaged and leaky, or it bent the thermocouple probe. quick-checkout

STATIM Cassette seals [New: SciCan Green]

Seals should be changed every 500-800 cycles or every six months (whichever is first)

The STATIM autoclave seals and air filters should be changed every 500-800 cycles or every six months, whichever comes first. Shown- Seal & Lube Kit for the STATIM 2000 quick-checkout

STATIM Air filters

Air filters should be changed every 500 cycles or every six months (whichever is first)

Replace every 500 cycles or six months Filter (whichever is first). Call for service if wet. Air and Biological Air Filters should be changed every six months (Shown - filters for STATIM 2000 with plate removed from Compressor Air Filter) Air and Biological Air Filters should be changed every six months (Shown - filters for STATIM 5000) quick-checkout

STAT-DRI Plus Drying / Rinse Agent

For faster drying and seal lubrication coat the STATIM Cassette: After cleaning and drying the cassette, treat the interior surfaces with STAT-DRI Plus. [MSDS]

StatDri Plus Drying agent for dramatically improved STATIM, BRAVO and HYDRIM drying and to extend the life of your STATIM seal. You'll notice the difference on your first cycle! quick-checkout

SysTM Instrument cassette organizers

  • Made of vented stainless steel for better steam penetration and faster drying of equipment for procedures.
  • Designed to work in the ultrasonic and HYDRIM.
  • Up to four of the SysTM 3 cassette organizers fit the STATIM 2000 Sterilization cassette

SYS-TM cassette organizers are made to organize instruments and packages for efficient sterilization. Coat with Stat-Dri for improved drying performance. quick-checkout

SURGICAL Instrument cassette organizers

Plastic sterilization tray with clear amber top with silicone nib mats for delicate equipment, for better steam penetration and faster drying of equipment for procedures
Up to two of the SMALL surgical plastic sterilization trays fit the STATIM 2000 Sterilization cassette.

Surgical sterilization trays can be used to effectively organize your equipment [plastic] quick-checkout

 HYDRIM Detergent and Accessories

HYDRIM works to thoroughly wash and disinfect tattoo / piercing / body art equipment
Best used with the appropriate rack, baskets, cassette organizers, and mesh basket clamshells for small parts like tapers.
Each bottle of detergent lasts 30-40 cycles in the compact HYDRIM

SysTM and SURGICAL cassette organizers above fit the HYDRIM rack system

HYDRIM Cleaning Solutions are economical by the case This upgrade  Rack for 2 Baskets & 2 Cassettes replaces the original C51w trolley for more efficient flow through cleaning of instruments. quick-checkout

SciCan Test Control Indicators: test strips for Routine Monitoring for the STATIM

 Chemical process indicators suitable for steam sterilizers should be included in or on each package or load being sterilized.
In addition, the weekly use of biological indicators, which allow you to ascertain whether the instruments have been exposed to sterilization conditions, is recommended and may be required by law in your area.

Test strips for routine monitoring for the STATIM quick-checkout

 STATIM Waste Bottle and individual parts

Never empty or spill again! Replace the bottle with a StatFlow direct-to-drain system

Waste Bottle complete with tubing [Full kit, as included with the STATIM autoclave sterilizer] quick-checkout

Water Reservoir Filter and Cap Kit for Statim 2000 and 5000

SciCan strongly recommends the water reservoir filter become a part of all STATIM maintenance and repairs.

Water Reservoir Filter and Cap Kit is a STRONGLY recommended upgrade if your machine does not have one quick-checkout


Use the StatMat to protect your new Statim, or install one on a damaged Statim cover to restore a clean, professional look.

StatMat quick-checkout


Use our precision Anodizer for all your titanium color finishing needs.

A very nice anodizer! quick-checkout

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